Girrafe says "Hallo"!

I don't know how this was possible, however on the 1.02.2011 a giraffe was in my mailbox!!! And that is not all: when I look closely she said Hallo!... I'm not lying. Here is the evidence:

 This was one of the postcards that made me fell so happy and blessed, because the sender was careful enough to see my favorites and have the work and time to find one like it. I really appreciate it!

Curiosity about Germany:
  •  Cinderella's Castle (Disney) was inspired by the castle Neuschwanstein, located in southern Germany.

I received another postcard on the same day, this time from Russia.

 Curiosity about Russia:
  • The main square in Moscow is called Red Square (Krasnaya Ploshchad) because of the red roofs next to the towers of the Kremlin. In Russian, Krasnaya can mean both red and beautiful. Surely the most appropriate adjective to describe this square.
 Have a nice day! 

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