5 postcards in a day?!

Yes! Monday, as I've already mentioned, is normally full of postcards but on the  24th Jan. it was insane. 4 of them were official and other, from Kazakhstan, was from a direct swap. Here are them:

Curiosity about China:
  • If the world were a single street, one in four of your neighbors would be Chinese.

(Look at this stamps...
They're beautiful!)

Curiosity about Finland:
  • In Winter, temperatures range between -5 °C (23º F) and -30 °C (-22ºF).


Curiosity about Kazakhstan:
  • In 2000, Kazakhstan became the first former Soviet Republic to repay all of its debt to the International Monetary Fund (IMF), 7 years ahead of schedule. 

  ( Fountain of the Zodiac Signs)

Curiosity about Netherlands: 
  •  The Netherlands is one of the few countries that do not have the seat of government in the capital; it's in The Hague.

The postcard sender saw in my profile that I've recently started a stamp collection and decided to send me some :) Thank you so much! 
You can see all of them right below.


  By the way, my collection until this day was really poor, because I've only started to be interested in stamps in September. To have an idea I'm showing it... 3 of them are from South Africa, 4 from Spain and 3 from Portugal.

 (Back to the postcards...)

Curiosity about USA: 
  • The legal age to consume alcoholic drinks is 21.

It's all for today... Bye! 

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