Discovering Postcrossing...

My first post in my blog. This is exciting!

Well, first of all, I'm going to explain how did this Postcrossing thing started.
So it was on the 20th December of 2010 after a dear friend, who is also a Postcrosser, told me about this project. I was immediatly interested because I love to travel (although i don't have a lot of money) and I would have the opportunity to write to a person from other country.
On that precise day I ask for the 5 postcards that I can send at the same time. 15 days after they start to arrive to their destinations and I started to receive my ones.

It's amazing how my mailbox change from a place full of "garbage" and bills to an amazing spot where lots and lots of  "pieces" of the world just arrive every day!
I'm so happy that I'm in this project.

If you have some questions/curiosities just ask...

Best wishes.

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