Amazing postcard from JAPAN!!!!

Curiosity about Japan:
  • The Japanese sentence in the postcard means: " Let's enjoy a summer afternoon break in the cool veranda"

Postcard from Ohio!!!

Curiosity about USA:
  • Did you know that seven U.S. presidents were born and spent their childhoods in Ohio and that another president ( not born in Ohio) lived in the state when elected?

New postcard from Germany!

Curiosity about Germany:
  • A "Schultüte" (or School Cone, even though the word "Tüte" translates more as "bag" from German), often also called Zuckertüte ("sugar bag", especially in Eastern Germany) is a paper (and later plastic) bag in particular.

    When children in Germany and Austria set off for their first day in school upon entering first grade, their parents and/or grandparents present them with a big cardboard cone, prettily decorated and filled with toys, chocolate, candies, school supplies, and various other goodies. It is given to children to make this anxiously awaited first day of school a little bit sweeter.

New postcard from UKRAINE!!!

Curiosity about Ukraine:
  • Did you know that the Ukrainian Grivna was elected as the most beautiful currency in the world? The contest was held in 2008,in Switzerland by the specialists of the World Bank (IFB).
       The experts looked at the 50 more popular bills in the world. The criteria was not only the shape, colors, designs and security but also the historical meaning of the representations.


New postcard from SPAIN!!!

Curiosity about Spain:
  • In some cities of Spain, is common at lunchtime to find local businesses closed for an average of two hours. This is due to the fact that natives have a habit of sleeping after the meal.Amazingly they go home, wear their pajamas, turn on the alarm clock and sleep for at least an hour and then return to their activities.

Best Wishes!


    Sheep from Germany!!!

    Curiosity about Germany: 
    • Bernhard Klemens Maria Grzimek was a renowned Silesian-German zoo director, zoologist, book author, editor, and animal conservationist in postwar West-Germany.

    Best Wishes!


    1st postcard from ANDORRA!!!

    Curiosity about Andorra:
    • Andorra is a small European country located in an enclave in the Pyrenees of northeastern Spain and southwestern France. Before isolation, the principality is now a prosperous country mainly due to the growth of tourism and its status as a tax haven. 


    North Carolina State University!

     Curiosity about USA:

    • In the past five decades, North Carolina's economy has undergone a transition from reliance upon tobacco and furniture to a more diversified economy with an emphasis on engineering, biotechnology, and finance.

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    Postcard from LA!

     Thank you Anna :)

     Curiosity about USA:
    • It became part of Mexico, in 1821, after its independence from Spain. In 1848, at the end of the Mexican-American War, Los Angeles and the rest of California were purchased as part of the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo, becoming part of the United States.

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    Penguins from Australia!!!

     Curiosity about Australia:
    • The Dingo is Australia's wild dog. It is found in Australia, in all states but Tasmania. They are found throughout the mainland of Australia, close to a source of water.

    Best Wishes!


    Delicacy from Finland!

    Curiosity about Finland:
    • The Finnish have to pay to the government approximately  200 euros per year for the right to watch television.

    Cute Taiwanese Panda!

    Curiosity about Taiwan:
    •  Pandas eat exclusively leaves and stem of bamboo.And will be sit 14 hours eating 12 to 14 kg  of plants. This animal was severely mistreated by the man because of its fur.