Directly from Marshall Islands!

After almost a week without receiving a single postcard they decided to show up yesterday. And guess what... 6 postcard (yes, 6) in a row. I'll dedicate a post to every single one of them, since they're really special :)

The first one that I'm showing came from Marshall Islands due to a private swap. Here it's:

As you can see it's a postcard showing a fish called Clown Triggerfish. The 1st stamp is a Butterscotch Sundae and the 2nd one is a starfish.

I also decided to add the sender's draws. He also explained that crabs are very common in Majuro and that the dogs are always ready to bark and bite people ;)

Curiosity about Marshall Islands:

The localization (red circle) and the flag

It's really a rare and beautiful postcard. Hope you like it.

Best Wishes! 

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