1st Postcard from MAURITIUS!!!

A new country and another amazing postcard! Yes :) I'm so happy. Just look at it:

 The image show the Seven Colors Earth found in a small village called Chamarel. The stamp is about a battle scene in The Battle of Grand Port (1810).

Curiosity about Mauritius:
  • Mauritian society includes people from many different ethnic groups. The republic's residents are the descendants of people from India (Indo-Mauritian), continental Africa (Mauritian Creole people usually known as 'Creoles' in Mauritian Creole), France (Franco-Mauritian) and China (Sino-Mauritian), among other places.

Best Wishes!


Giant Buddha from Hong Kong!

I love this postcard! It's such a beautiful view. Just see it for yourself:

This postcard show the Giant Buddha in Lantau Island.

Thank you Gladys! :)

Curiosity about Hong Kong:
  • The people of Hong Kong show great respect for Buddhist monks. So much respect that they have reserved seats on the subway or even areas with sofas in the waiting rooms of the airport just for them;

Have a good day!


Delft Blue Figures...

This week has been really poor in postcards. But finally I received this beautiful postcard:

This shows the delft blue figures from the Netherlands and the stamp is about the International Court of Justice in Haye.

Curiosity about Netherlands:
  • The dutch are the tallest people in the world.

Best Wishes!


1st postcard from Ethiopia!!!

This week started really well! A great postcard and a new country in my list. Here it is:

In the postcard you can see the Church of St. George in Lalibela, Ethiopia. It's one of UNESCO world heritage sites and was excavated from the Lasta mountains. On the stamps, 2 Menelik Bushbucks.

Curiosity about Ethiopia:
  • Ethiopia is the oldest Christian kingdom in the world. This country, once known as Abyssinia, was the first to accept the Old Testament, as well as the New, much earlier than other countries. 
Best Wishes!


Cute Teddy Bear from China!

This postcard is so cute! Check it out:

As always the stamps are amazingly beautiful....

Curiosity about China:
  • The Chinese are very superstitious. The 4, 14 and 24 floor do not exist in many buildings , because the ideogram of 4 is similar to the death. Phones finished in 4 or that have many 4's are a lot cheaper and are mostly used by foreigners. The number 8 has the ideogram reminiscent of prosperity. No wonder that the Olympics began on August 8, 2008, at 8:08 in the evening.
How interesting... I was born in the 8th of June.

Best Wishes!!!


1st THAI postcard!!!

This last few days it's been all about new countries and today was no different.
This was Thailand's turn. And I'm in L.O.V.E with this postcard and stamp. See it for yourself:

Curiosity about Thailand:
  • The Thai cuisine is among the most interesting of the world. Thais try to blend, using herbs, spices and fruits, the four tastes (sweet, salty, sour and bitter) in all their dishes. 

I definitely have to find a Thai Restaurant here in Coimbra :)

Best Wishes!


Love from Netherlands

Such a good way to start the week! A beautiful ad postcard of the company Boeing. So cool. Check it out:

Curiosity about Netherlands:
  • A quarter of the Netherlands lies below sea level. 

Best wishes!


1st postcard from Belize!

Hi! This past 2 weeks had been amazing! I've received beautiful postcards and 2 new countries. How amazing! This one is from Belize:

 In the postcard you can see, from left to right, a Great Egret, a White Fronted Parrot and a Rose Bellied Bunting. On the stamps a Encyclia Polybulbon and the Lubaantun Archaeological Reserve.

Curiosity about Belize:
  • Belize is home to the longest barrier reef in the western hemisphere and the 2nd longest in the world after the Great Barrier Reef. Caye Caulker is considered a paradise for divers.

Best Wishes!


Deschutes River

This week I received this beautiful postcard from USA:

As you can see it shows the Deschutes River in Oregon.

Curiosity about USA:
  • Thanks to its abundant forests, Oregon is one of the largest timber producers in the country. The state produces about 10% of all timber produced in the United States annually, more than any other U.S. states except Washington. Another striking aspect is the torrential rains common throughout the year. Both forests and the rain, however, are present only in western Oregon, west of the Rockies. To the east, most of the state is characterized by its semi-arid climate and its dry land.

Best Wishes!!!


    1st Postcard from ERITREA!!!

    1st postcard from Eritrea and Africa!!! A really special postcard that brightened my day :) Here it is:

    In the picture you can see the Cathedral in Asmara City, which is the capital and the biggest city.

    Curiosity about Eritrea:
    • It's Africa's youngest nation, because it was only independent in 1993; after being an Italian colony, a British protectorate and federated with Ethiopia.

    Best Wishes!!


    Dutch Clogs

    Friday I received 2 very beautiful and special postcards. Here is one of them:

    As you can see it shows the typical clogs, which have a mill draw on it. Really cool :) Also this postcard is a square instead of the regular rectangle.

    Curiosity about Netherlands:
    • The traditional all-wooden Dutch klompen (clogs) have been officially accredited as safety shoes with the CE mark and can withstand almost any penetration, including sharp objects and/or concentrated acids. Today, Dutch clogs are primarily a beloved souvenir.

    Best Wishes!