First Postcards

Hi  : )
Since I have already some postcards and I just began with this blog, I'll start presenting them by their arrival date. Adding to the image I'll write some curiosity about the country.
So on the 10th January, I received 3 postcards, which one (Turkey) is not official.

Curiosity about Germany:
  • The rail system in Germany is one of the best in the world with its ICE trains (Inter City Express). They're fast, modern, clean, punctual and comfortable.


Curiosity about Finland:
  •  In Finland there is no night for up to two months per year. At this time, sunset simply doesn't exist. 

Curiosity about Turkey:
  • Istanbul is the only city in the world with territory in two continents, Asia and Europe.  

It's all for today...Best Wishes!

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