Australia in my mailbox!!!

What a perfect way to end the week! 3 postcards and 2 new places for my collection :)
Since I have so much to study due to exams, I'll present one today and the rest trough the weekend.

So the 1st one is from Australia. Here it is:

As you can see, it shows a native flower and a super cute Koala with his baby.

Curiosity about Australia:
  • The name koala was given by the Aborigines and it means, in Aboriginal language, "don't drink" , because this animals only need a small quantity of liquids to survive.

     Their diet is based mainly of eucalyptus leaves extract, where they get the amount of water they need. However, these gentle creatures only "approve" 20 species of eucalyptus from the 350 existing ones. Another thing:  Koalas sleep, on average, 14 hours a day!

Interesting, right?

Best Wishes!

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