Another Honk Kong postcard :)

This was another postcard that I received Friday and it came from Hong Kong. Here it is:

It shows an old map of Northeastern United States and a little bit of Canada.

Thank you so much, Gladys! I really liked the postcard, the stamp, the drawings, the stickers... Everything.
I'll send you one this week :)

By the way, visit her postcards' blog. It's worth taking a look:  http://ggglaaadysss.blogspot.com/

Curiosity about Hong Kong:
  • Over the past 40 years, some areas of the Far East experienced great development. Especially Japan but also the so-called "four tigers": Singapore, Taiwan, South Korea and Hong Kong.In less than one hundred years, Hong Kong moved from a small port in the black market to a major crossroads of international trade.The success of Hong Kong is due to its versatility,and efficient labor and minimal government intervention in the economy.

Best wishes!!!

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