I've sent some postcards to Belarus but I've never had the chance to actually receive one. But today was the day... And I'm really happy :) Here it is:

In the 1st stamp you can see a Paeonia Lactiflora (Chinese Peony). Below a Lepus Europaeus ( European Hare) on the right and then a Mustela Lutreola (European Mink).

Curiosity about Belarus:
  •  The name "Belarus" is derived  from the expression "Russian White" . There are several theories about the origin of this name. I leave you here 2 of those: (1) The name described the Eastern European area covered by snow and populated by Slavs, in opposition to Black Ruthenia, controlled by the Lithuanians. (2) Another possible origin of the name would be the white garment used by the Slavic population in the period.

Hope you liked it!

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  1. I have a very similar card from Belarus too!!
    It's drawn by the same artist!
    The one I got was very beautiful!!