1st Postctcard from CAMBODIA!!!


Curiosity about Cambodia:
  • Angkor Wat is the maximum exponent of the architecture of the Khmer Empire, whose earliest temples date back to the sixth century. [9] The promoter of this gigantic temple mount was Suryavarman II, who reigned from 1113 to 1150 Bc.
    According to the legend, the king wanted the temple to be in a place that pleased the Gods, so he loose a cow on the plain and decided to build the temple where it stopped. Truth or not , Suryavarman II established the temple near the ancient city of Yashodharapura (which in Sanskrit means "holy city").

Best Wishes!


  1. I'm glad the postcard arrived, Andreia. This is one of my favourities. You know why? Because it is very rare to see a very quiet Angkor Wat and without people visiting. I wonder how were they able to take a photo with a view like this!