Deschutes River

This week I received this beautiful postcard from USA:

As you can see it shows the Deschutes River in Oregon.

Curiosity about USA:
  • Thanks to its abundant forests, Oregon is one of the largest timber producers in the country. The state produces about 10% of all timber produced in the United States annually, more than any other U.S. states except Washington. Another striking aspect is the torrential rains common throughout the year. Both forests and the rain, however, are present only in western Oregon, west of the Rockies. To the east, most of the state is characterized by its semi-arid climate and its dry land.

Best Wishes!!!

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    1. ha-ha... that so interesting to read about our Oregon rain...
      It's one thing that never changes here... rain and forest :)))
      we can our area North Wet (instead of North West)